Vitamin C facial

Allow 1 hr 15


This is an ultra-firming, anti-ageing treatment, rich in natural Vitamin C and essential antioxidants. Extracted directly from the African Baobab fruit, our Vitamin C boosts collagen and elastin regeneration, making your skin appear visibly brighter and tighter.Suitable for all skin conditions.

The honeybush facial

Allow 1 hr


The Kalahari Honeybush Facial Treatment is a deeply nourishing treatment that includes natural plant extracts and rich botanical oils. This includes a relaxing facial massage that will hydrate and rejuvenate your skin leaving it feeling ultra-soft and supple. Suitable for all skin types.

Phytic Clay Skin Treatment

Allow 1 hr 15


This is a pro-active treatment mask that contains Mandelic, Glycolic and Phytic acid derived from Soybean extracts. The mask effectively targets hyperpigmentation, while simultaneously brightening and rejuvenating skin. Suitable for all skin types excluding sensitive skin.

Revitalising Vita-Gel Skin Treatment

allow 1 hr 15


The Vita-Gel Skin Treatment is a highly effective treatment gel that rejuvenates tired and dull-looking skin. The effective combination of Alpha-hydroxy acids, peptides and moisture-binding ingredients will leave the skin visibly smoother, revitalized and radiant. Suitable for all skin types.


“Gua Sha is a centuries-old facial massage practice that involves lightly scraping a flat, rounded tool, made of jade or rose quartz or other healing stone over the skin to promote lymphatic drainage, relieve tension in the muscles of the face, and boost blood circulation,” 

Based in part on the principles of acupressure it is a modern take on meridian theory which goes back thousands of years in Japan and China.

Tsubo = Acupressure point – this is a place along the meridian where the energy can be most influenced, affecting the body on many levels.

Ki = the energy that flows through the meridians

Tsuboki = massage using the tsubos to influence flow of Ki in the body

Tsuboki is a four stage energizing massage:

  • A detailed neck, head and face massage relaxes and rejuvenates, improves skin tone and appearance.

  • Helps prevent wrinkles and reduce existing ones.

  • Stimulates 8 meridians and over 50 acupressure points balancing you body’s energy system.

  • Lymphatic drainage to eliminate metabolic waste.

The Japanese believe that beauty is more than skin deep, and that to be beautiful you have to be healthy too. The fantastic thing about Tsuboki Japanese face massage is that it works on many levels at the same time, from the inside and the outside.