Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Made in New Zealand, A powerhouse of active, natural plant based & cruelty free ingredients, why you will want this skincare range as part of your skincare routine...

Take the time to look after your largest organ in your body- your skin! Sabore accommodates for any skin type especially those with stressed/ sensitised skin. Perfect for both men and women, is prescription only & packaging is recyclable and has a high level of quality control to ensure freshness and active product quality- with approximately 9 months once opened.

Ethical & Innovative

Made from imported and new Zealand ingredients/organic bases, Sabore uses high quality, & exceptional advanced botanical chemistry.

Manufactured in a purposely build manufacturing plant- for the highest sanitary conditions. products are chosen for the powerful therapeutic effects like marine algae, kanuka and manuka, extraced from our clean green climate, and unpolluted growing conditions - earth air and sea! Raw ingredients are harvested and extracted naturally using environmentally friendly and sustainable practises .

Uncomplicated daily skin routines..

Whether your a busy mum, working 9-5, retired, or travelling somewhere in between,you may not want- or have the time to spend paying attention to a list of products that need to be applied- it can be confusing! Sabore is a complete yet simple range. You can start with the basic cleanse, tone moisturise/spf and add on targeted serums to enhance the treatment of your skin. Active botanical s and ingredients will help support collagen and elastin production, prevent free radical damage, balance the acid mantle and target congestive unbalanced skin.

Quality mineral makeup range

Added sun protection, no added nasty fillers, parabens, talc, silicone's, or artificial ingredients.

. No hidden nasties; only added moisturising/antioxidant properties like vitamin E and shea butter, there are plenty of options! Three different foundation finishes,lip glosses, matte or creamy lipsticks, pencil and liquid liners, mascara, pressed eye shadows and much more!

Need a skin consultation?

I'm based in Richmond in the recently developed Olive Estate Lifestyle village, inside the quaint Lakehouse Salon, working alongside the talented senior stylist Yvonne. The area is about 5 minutes drive from Richmond CBD, is quiet and has great views. When booking for a consultation, we can discuss a program best suited to your budget, lifestyle and diet changes that can fast forward healthy, glowing skin, and what results you are wanting to achieve. This will include a skincare and makeup programme for at home and services that can be done weekly or monthly to suit your needs.

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